New learning concepts

If you have a job within learning or development you know that learning often still looks a bit like this. People attending some kind of training they are not super motivated about. The result is quite simple. 95% of the content is lost after six month. Just think about the last training you attended, how much do you remember and why?


Our ambition was creating a multi channel learning experience where the employee is  in the driverseat.


This means all the content and concepts, all trainings, coachings, mentorings, reverse mentorings, 

are available for everyone within the organisation and it is up to every employee to decide what kind of offer they are using.

This changed the way we thought about learning. Now these were our competitors


TED and TEDx are a source of inspiration from the best expert on the planet.


The flatrate around learning. For 10$ a month you can access more content than you would ever need.


Learning and Development is getting bigger and bigger within youtube. 


Udemy delivers hundreds of courses to different and super specific topics. 


Massive Open Online Courses is a program provided by the best universities on the planet.

Our Channels

Obviously we didn't want to outsource the whole learning departement to the internet. That's why we created own content using Design Thinking, described in the beyon Toolbox.

What we created so far is a interactive video and a cross company mentoring program.

Interactive Video

Let's be honest. Learning videos rarely work because it is super difficult to condense the content into 10 minutes, which is the maximum length for a learning video.

What we did is called an interactive video, an immersive learning experience where the viewer is in the driver seat. You think it is difficult to imagine what this is? Check it out on znü

Asset 2@8x.png

Learning by doing

The beautiful thing about Lean UX, Design Thinking, Agile, Kanban is that they are super easy to understand and implement. by the way this is also the reason why they work.

Our trainings are always learning by doing, that means we perform whole Design Thinking or Agile processes during our trainings. More information in our toolbox. You can't really imagine what learning by doing looks like? Here are some ideas:

Cross Company Mentoring Program

One of the best ways for learning is learning from each other. We are currently building a cross company mentoring network.

Key features

  • Cross company

  • Cross country

  • Cross industry

  • Reverse mentoring as well as "normal" mentoring

  • Involvement of Universities, Organisations and Companies

  • No One is forced to become a mentor or mentee


More information will follow soon.