beyon Toolbox

We need new methodologies and strategies to run modern organisations and their innovation projects.

We built the two methodologies 30days and 3days because we know that creativity, diversity, honesty, focus and openness are key factors for modern innovation projects. 


30days - Jumpstart your project

30days, in 30 days from the idea to the product using start-up methodologies
beyon innovation - product development network

We distinguish a winning idea from a potential failure as early as possible and evolve your projects in a fast and sustainable way. Within 30 days, we apply the concepts of Design Thinking,

Lean UX, Agile Development and Growth Hacking to have a maximum impact in the shortest amount of time. After 30 days, you will have a greatly advanced project around the initial idea, 

a more qualified and motivated team and a sound decision basis on where to go with the project. This way, you can develop projects fast to save money & time and clean up your project portfolio.

3days - develop critical skills

beyon innovation - product development network
beyon innovation - product development network

Our 3-days-fastlane program develops critical skills of your employees around Design Thinking, Lean UX and Agile Development. We focus on

changing the mindset of your team and enabling them to use startup-tools effectively in their daily work. We emphasize customer centricity, creativity

and teach innovative ways of executing complex projects. After the 3 days, your team will have a toolkit to be ready for a future of fast moving, digital projects.

Consulting Services and Workshops

Based on your operational needs, we also build customized workshops and consulting services designed to meet your specific requirements.