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The ingredients for sales sucess

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

Back in the days when it was possible to go places sharing a rider, Pablo from Tapir Filmatelier asked me about the handful skills of a great sales person.

Even though I'm doing sales trainings for years now I struggled and I came up with some non compelling stuff and luckaly he let it go.

Having a bit more time these days, I built the beyon sales framework. Shaped like meal with simple but vital ingredients, framed by the important buns.... the # beyonBurger.

What do you think? What ingredient would you add? What should be left out?

#beyonBurger Sales Framework
beyon Burger

The # beyonBurger is open source. You can add as many ingredients as you want, you can shape it as a # beyonBurrito # beyonBananaBread or # beyonBratwurscht as long as you keep the # basicHumanSkills.

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